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Susan Reu (She/Her) first learned of creative reuse programs from an article in the Sunday newspaper several years ago. After visiting The Scrap Exchange in Durham, NC, she was hooked. Two of her favorite creative reuse activities have been making business cards from cereal boxes and making quilt squares with donated fabric and trim. Collage is her favorite form of artistic expression. Susan studied journalism at the University of Georgia and technical writing at Southern Polytechnic State University. She currently works as a freelance writer and editor. She derives joy from passing donated art materials along to artists, teachers, parents, and children.


Roseanne Winn (She/Her) is originally from NYC, where she studied fine arts. Roseanne spent several decades as a software developer before relocating to Atlanta. After hearing about creative reuse, she was delighted to work with Scraplanta. Her role managing our ever-growing inventory puts her love of the arts, recycling and serendipitous rummaging to good use.

Annabel Winn (She/Her) is currently a student at Georgia State University. She has volunteered at Scraplanta for several years as an inventory manager and assisted with sales at events. Her role at Scraplanta has been driven by her dedication to the sustainability movement.

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