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Scraplanta's Periodic Table of Creative Reuse is a graphic that originated from ReCraft Greenville. This chart is a visual representation of the items accepted at Scraplanta.

What Is Creative Reuse?   

Creative Reuse is the practice of diverting waste from landfills in order to make beautiful works of art. This can be as simple as using an old mason jar for cups or turning those mason jars into an industrial-chic chandelier. 

There are several Creative Reuse Centers around the world with the purpose of providing low-cost supplies to help artists, teachers, makers,  and more discover more ways to reduce waste and increase art!

What is Scraplanta?

Scraplanta is a 501(c)3 non-profit that inspires folks to make art instead of waste. We serve the community through our space in Tucker that houses an art supply thrift store, community art workshop, and donation processing area. 

Why do you resell donated items?

Scraplanta sells our donated items because we have to fund our operations and programs to spread creative reuse throughout Georgia! We charge 50-75% of the average retail price and have special discount days for Teachers to keep the supplies accessible. We have to take care of our paid staff members and rent every month, so we must charge to cover expenses. 

How Do I Donate Items?    

For small donations that only consist of a bag or a box, you can bring these donations anytime during our store retail hours. For large quantities,  we require appointments to insure that we have enough staff to process large amounts of materials. Please make sure to review our Periodic Table of Creative Reuse. Yes, you can make art with anything but do you really want someone to buy your old dirty socks?

What Happens To Materials That You Can't Use?   
Occasionally, we get craft supplies that are damaged beyond repair, and we have to throw them away. This doesn’t happen very often. For items that we don’t sell or accept but still find their ways into our doors, we look for other ways to recycle them through other community partners such as CHaRM, LifeCycle Building Center, Atlanta Green Theatre Alliance Shed, and other community organizations. 


What Do Volunteers Do?   

Volunteers perform a variety of tasks to keep Scraplanta going. Their shifts may consist of fabric rolling, paper sorting, visual merchandising, and even helping us create TikToks. Scraplanta accommodates volunteers of all abilities, so please don’t feel intimidated!

How Old Do I Have To Be To Volunteer?    

Volunteers must be a minimum of 12 years old. Volunteers ages 12-15 must be accompanied by a legal guardian or adult with a signed waiver from a legal guardian. 

Where Are You Guys?   

Scraplanta truly is a hidden gem. Our street address is 2130 Henderson Mill Rd, Atlanta, GA 30345. This will take you to the Briarcliff Village Shopping Plaza on the corner of Henderson Mill Rd and Lavista. Our storefront is not visible from the street because we are behind Rose’s Alterations. Park close to TJ Maxx or Burlington and look for the Scraplanta Signs!

What Items Are Considered Fill-A-Bag?   

Fill-A-Bag items are things that artists usually buy in bulk to sustain their art practice. Fill-A-Bag items are marked by their yellow tags, and the bags can be found near the entrance, the register, and the fiber room. This includes items such as crayons, pencils, fabric, yarn, sequins, wood scraps, sample tiles, bottle caps, fake flowers, pastels, ornaments, and more. Fill-a-bag items are distinguished by the yellow labels on their containers. 

What's Next For Scraplanta?   

We don’t plan to stay in Tucker forever. We want mini Scraplanta hubs around the city, so local communities will have a space for artists to de-stash and re-stash on art supplies. We also want to reach out to artists of all ages to attend our community workshops, and that can only be achieved by spreading our wings. 

What Is The History Of Scraplanta Creative Reuse?   

In 2011, Scraplanta started off as WonderRoot Creative Reuse, which was a program for the non-profit WonderRoot. This program provided craft materials and hosted activities for children and artists from 2011-2018. Throughout WonderRoot Creative Reuse’s time, several partnerships were formed with Atlanta companies, such as CHaRM (Center for Hard and Recyclable Materials), Atlanta Maker Faire, and Refugee Sewing Society.

When WonderRoot Creative Reuse became Scraplanta Creative Reuse in 2018, Scraplanta had an established name within the Atlanta maker community. Scraplanta’s board members determined that it was time for the company to open a store where they would be able to host workshops and sell donated materials. In 2021, Scraplanta’s board recognized a need for an executive director to spearhead the opening of a permanent physical location.

In Spring 2022, Scraplanta will open its doors to the Atlanta community in a space that will feature a retail location, artist gallery, and classroom area.

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