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Choosing Fabric

a.k.a. The Scrap Squad

Meet the amazing individuals who keep Scraplanta running smoothly on a day-to-day basis. 

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Jonelle Dawkins

Executive Director (she/her)

Jonelle is an Atlanta native who has been passionate about sustainability and the arts since her Kittredge elementary school days when she enjoyed 4-H trips and art classes. Jonelle is a proud UGA Alumna (BSFCS ’19) where she studied ethical fashion in Ghana and obtained a Sustainability Certificate. During her time in graduate school at NCAT, Jonelle discovered creative reuse centers in Greensboro, NC. She was eager to get involved and grew from volunteer to sales floor manager. Jonelle plans to use her Creative Reuse experience to establish Scraplanta as a community staple for Georgia artists and educators. Jonelle is always open to suggestions and can be reached at

Sarah Phoenix

Reuse Specialist (she/her)

Sarah blesses Scraplanta with her creative genius through visual merchandising. Sarah is a mixed/multimedia artist creating both decorative and functional art from a wide variety of materials. She is the mastermind behind Sarahland Studios.

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Sales Associate

Jessie is a set dresser, printmaker, and barista from Maryland.

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Sales Associate

Kaliena is a multimedia director and digital strategist. They are the creative director of Junk Media.

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Sales Associate

Bridget is a history major from North Carolina. She enjoys sewing and frolicing with friends.

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Interested in working at Scraplanta?

Fill out our Google form, and we'll let you know about future opportunities. 

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