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May 2024 Director's Notes: The Expansion

If you’ve been to Scraplanta recently (and by recently, I mean the past year!), we’ve been bursting at the seams with craft supplies. We knew the community would be excited to have a place for their pre-loved art materials to find a new home; we just didn’t know that we could get 116,000 pounds into this 2,920 sq ft space. We’ve done our best to maximize every square centimeter of our store, and the monthly average of 600 different customers prove that we’re able to move things in and out. It hasn’t been an easy 18 months, and we’re ready to expand to another neighborhood.

The Scraplanta team has been on the search for space in Southwest Atlanta because we were shocked to find out there aren’t any craft stores south of I-20. If you think I’m being dramatic, here’s a map to illustrate my point:

We talked with community organizations, property managers, and just overall do-gooders who had great ideas and prospects. We finally found the perfect match, which I will reveal in June.

Use the map for a hint*

Now why are creative reuse centers important for the community?

We’ve heard of terms like food deserts and “underserved communities”. But when we talk about access to resources, we’re usually talking about the basics like food, clothing, and shelter. That’s what every human needs for a basic level of security, but there’s more to the human experience outside of those three things. Sure, you can get your wardrobe from a community clothing closet, but you feel dignified when you’re allowed to pick the pieces that you want. When you’re staying at a temporary shelter, you need things that feel like home, so you may have pictures of your family or a flag from your homeland. Art is what makes the world more familiar and connects us with one another. 

We want to open Scraplanta’s second location in Southwest Atlanta because the community deserves more art resources and the opportunity to participate in the circular economy. The West End community has a vibrant art scene; there are murals everywhere and several cultural centers. If that’s the case, then why do these folks have to go to Midtown for Fine Art Supplies? If they went to host a Sip n Paint, they have several options for sips, but must trek across Atlanta for quality paints. What happens to their craft supplies when their art event is over, or they’re priced out of their apartment and must move once again?

Every person deserves a joyful and inclusive space to develop their inner artist. Scraplanta is more than a cute art supply thrift store. It’s a thriving hub for parents, teachers, and artists come with their excess materials and also their curiosity. Our workshops provide an experience for folks to explore new art materials and techniques. 

On to our new space…

Our second space will have a smaller retail footprint, but a larger community presence. We are joining a thriving ecosystem that promotes recycling and collaboration within Atlanta’s Historic West End. We’re balancing the demands of the store along with the need for larger and more frequent craft workshops in this space. This unique conundrum has inspired us to be creative with how we will maximize this space. 

The only thing really standing between us and a smooth move is…the funds. 

We are asking our community for support to help us move into this new space because we know the great things that we can do with just a little bit more space in a place that loves art and Planet Earth just as much as we do. We are always applying for grants, but we are working with a tight deadline to get this place up and running. We also understand that there are many things asking for your money right now, so we’ll sweeten the deal.

If you donate more than $50, you will receive a special discount card, Scraplanta merch, and discounts to Scraplanta signature events. We’re bringing back our Charity Comedy show this September, and if you donate at the Futurist level, you’ll get a free ticket along with access to special VIP shopping appointments. 

We know our hours aren’t perfect, but we’re opening Scraplanta up during special hours for folks to grab crucial supplies for vendor markets and school projects. The VIP shopping appointments will be for both locations, so you could also shop our Tucker location on Wednesdays and after 6, depending on availability. 

But there will be more on that later!

I would like to thank everyone for their support so far. Scraplanta started off as a program under a larger non-profit, and now we are about to open our second location. This move is only possible because of how much our community has poured into us. We want to serve the community as best as we can. If you have any suggestions for classes or supplies that you want to see in our new space, please comment below!

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More painting classes and maybe a beginners crochet and knitting class would be awesome!

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