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Let's Keep Atlanta's Art Scene Creative, Sustainable and Accessible!

We all have an inner artist. Whether the artist comes out during moments of joy or grief, we all deserve a chance to express how we feel. This is where Scraplanta comes in. We aren't just a resource for new teachers who need to supply their classrooms on a shoestring budget or art students who need materials for their budding careers. We're also here for folks who need an outlet during dark times or parents who want to help their children unplug. Either way, we're glad that you're here and want to help us sustain creativity in Atlanta. 

Come to Scraplanta's Sunset Standup Fundraiser!

On Saturday, September 23, we are hosting a comedy fundraiser at the Westside Motor Lounge. Join us for an evening of comedy, cocktails, and craft shopping! We're also hosting a creative reuse vendor market to highlight the eco-friendly artists in our community. 

Participate in one of our 
Community Art Workshops

At Scraplanta, we offer sliding scale community art workshops that are hosted by different artists across several disciplines. Check out our Eventbrite Page tp view our current roster. We welcome all members of the community to our workshops, and we encourage folks to give a little extra when they can. 

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